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Prepper Tips

Pepper's Tips On... To Freeze Or Not To Freeze Pies!

The holidays are near upon us and being a prepper, I’m naturally prepared in advance. I keep frozen pies in…

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Soup Recipes & Tips on Freezing Soup!

I love the autumn and winter. It’s the two best seasons for soup! Whether simmering all day in a crock…

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Prepping Tip… Start Stocking!

Start Stocking! Now that you have some storage space, it’s time to start stocking. You don’t need to run out…

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Muscles & Pumpkins

I am so excited that so many of you are enjoying my first mystery adventure, not to mention my developing…

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A Visit To Willow Lake, PA

I thought you might enjoy reading about a few of the places you’ll visit in my first sleuthing adventure, Pepper,…

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Prepping Tip... Finding the Space!

Prepping Tip… Finding the Space! Easy start! It’s easy to start prepping and you don’t need a ton of money…

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