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Navigating Soaring Food Prices: Smart Tips to Save on Your Grocery Bill

For those who don’t prep, I thought a few tips on saving at the grocery store might come in handy…

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Make the Most of the Waning Summer

Have you noticed how the days are growing slightly shorter and a hint of crispness begins to find its way…

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Tips for Successful Canning

I love it when my garden produces a bounty of veggies for canning. I get a thrill out of stocking…

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Tips for Beating the Summer Sizzle!

It has been a scorcher out there lately. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to heat-related illnesses and even…

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11 Essential Prep Tips for a Safe Summer

Summer is a time for outdoor adventures, fun-filled vacations, and relaxation under the warm sun. I love making the most…

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Shelter in Place Tips

I offered shelter in place tips in my first Pepper book, but I wanted to expand on them especially heading…

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