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Shelter in Place Tips

I offered shelter in place tips in my first Pepper book, but I wanted to expand on them especially heading…

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Why a Prepper Should Keep a Journal!

Here’s a few important reasons why a prepper should keep a journal. Disaster can strike at any moment, and don’t…

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Prepper Tip... Mandatory Evacuation List

  As you all know it was a hurricane that turned me into a prepper, but it could be just…

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Springtime Meal Prep for a Stress-Free Summer!

I look forward to the lazy days of summer. But they can be anything but lazy. There are barbecues and…

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Prepper Tip... Multi-Pocket Vests

I’ve mentioned multi-pocket vests in my book and recommended them as gifts, so I thought it would be good to…

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Bug Out Bag Essentials for Your Pet: Preparing Your Furry Friend for Emergencies!

I have different Bags to Go prepped for Mo: car trip, camping, hiking, and the most important a Bug Out…

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