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Pepper, the Biker & the Vanishing Body

Book 3: Pepper the Prepper Mysteries

About the Book

Where did the body go and who looted the mausoleum?

Pepper and Ian come across a body in a looted mausoleum in the local cemetery. The only problem is when they look again… it has vanished. It was there one minute and gone the next. Where did it go? Who was it? Was the guy even dead? And who looted the old crypt?

It is a puzzling mystery and just the kind Pepper and Ian like to solve, and it gets even more puzzling when the body shows up again only to vanish once more. How do you solve a mystery when the body keeps vanishing?

That’s not all that worries the locals. A motorcycle gang descends on the town with tentative plans to relocate there and the leader, Cougar, has an eye for Pepper?

Ian is not at all happy about that and either is Pepper’s dad, Sheriff Madison.

Come join the gang in Willow Lake, Pa for another adventurous mystery.

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The Details

Published: Coming 2023
Formats: Ebook

Genres & Tropes
Humorous Mystery, Romantic Mystery, Comedic Mystery