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Pepper's Tips On... To Freeze Or Not To Freeze Pies!

The holidays are near upon us and being a prepper, I’m naturally prepared in advance. I keep frozen pies in the freezer all year long. I love apple pie as does everyone in my family and a few friends. I often get frantic, last-minute phone calls begging me for one of my frozen apple pies because someone forgot to order it.

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Apple pies are one of the easiest pies to freeze. You can freeze an apple pie uncooked or cooked (after cooling). Both last at least six months. When I freeze a cooked apple pie, I often cut it in individual slices and freeze each separately. That way I can heat a single slice to have with a nice cup of tea instead of wasting a whole pie. But to be honest I have found apple pies hold up better and have a better taste when I freeze them before baking. When I’m ready to cook it, it goes straight to the pre-heated oven right from the freezer. I do not cut slits in the top before freezing. That’s done before it goes in the oven.

Here’s a list of the holiday pies that I make that freeze well baked or unbaked.







Apple pie is Ian’s favorite as you learned from my first adventure with him, Pepper, the Highlander & the Dead Guy.

I spend Thanksgiving with my family and I’m excited that Ian is joining us this year. My mom cooks up a scrumptiously delicious Thanksgiving feast, of course, with my help. She also shops my prepped stock before hitting the food stores for the fresh items.

Being a prepper, I am grateful for all I have and during the holidays I make it a point to share. I donate food from my stock to the local food bank and that includes some of Mo and Roxie’s food, since they have an abundance of it. Though I have to hide Roxie’s box since she gets annoyed if she sees me carrying it out of the cabin. Every little bit helps, so donate to your local food bank if you get the chance. And if you have fallen on challenging times go to the food bank. The people who work them are understanding and helpful.

If you’re wondering when mine and Ian’s next adventure, Pepper, the Viking & the Pillage Grave will be available, it will be sometime this coming summer. Keep a watch for more details and a sneak peek or two.

Have a joyous, bountiful, delicious & blessed Thanksgiving!


Until next time stay prepped & prepared!