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A Visit To Willow Lake, PA

pepper the prepper round pichiI thought you might enjoy reading about a few of the places you’ll visit in my first sleuthing adventure, Pepper, the Highlander, & the Dead Guy. 

Willow Lake Lodge

The sprawling land practically surrounds my three acres and it is also where you will find the lake. In its heyday people came from all over to enjoy the family-oriented lodge. There was an array of fun things to do from boating, to fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, birdwatching, campfires, barbecues, games, crafts, singalongs, fireworks, and more. I loved this place as a kid. So many great family memories there. It saddened me to see it boarded up. And I worry over who bought the place.


Star Diner

This place makes the best meat loaf ever and it’s the best place to get information on anything or anyone. Zelda, the owner, is a good friend of my dad’s. They went through school together. I meet my mom here once a week for breakfast and always look forward to it.


A great restaurant named appropriately, since most of it looks as if it sits in the treetops. The second floor is actually a deck, half enclosed with glass and the other half open. Trees surround the whole place and this time of the year it’s a spectacular sight to see. The leaves are in their fall glory, bursting with a kaleidoscope of autumn colors; fiery reds, brilliant oranges and yellowish golds that stun the eye. Two things happen here with Ian that I will never forget.

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Madison Garden Center

This is my brother Danny and his wife Kelly’s place, though I am part owner of it as well since I lent him the money to start his dream business. He calls me way too early in the morning when he’s shorthanded and expects me to drop everything, meaning get out of bed, and help him. And, of course, I always do. You never know what you’re going to hear there and how it might come in handy later on.


Birds’ View Nest B&B

This is Ben & Madge Newell’s place and a really great Bed & Breakfast. They have a great reputation with steady bookings throughout the year. Madge can be a talker and I am glad she talked to me about one particular guest.


Hope you enjoyed a brief visit to Willow Lake and watch for more visits along the way.