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Prepper Tips To Beat The Heat!

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Here’s a few tips to beat the heat and keep comfortable.


It is so important to stay hydrated in the heat. Drink water throughout the day. You can also drink fruit juice but make sure it’s not loaded with sugar. Look for 100% pure fruit juice. Alcohol dehydrates so if you choose to drink that beer, wine, or cocktail make sure to drink water in between drinks. It will help you stay hydrated. Do not forget your pets. They need to stay hydrated as well.

Eat Light Meals

You don’t want to overtax your digestive system on hot days, so stick to light meals. Fresh veggie and fruit salads as well as cold pasta salads work well. Here’s Top Ten Cold Pasta Salads to try. 

Oven… No!  Barbecue… Yes!

Ovens can heat the house so avoid using them during the summer to keep your house cool. Barbecue instead! You might say, but it’s too hot to barbecue. Keep it simple and quick. Shrimp on a stick, chicken on a stick, veggies on a stick all cook fairly fast. Here’s 49 Easy Grill Skewer Recipes.

Close Those Curtains & Shades

You know where the sun beats down most in the morning or afternoon in your house, so make certain to close the curtains or shades to keep the heat out and make it easier for your air conditioning to keep your place cool. I know everyone loves letting light into their house but in the excessive heat do not allow the sun’s light in. It is your air conditioner’s enemy.

Do the dishes!

The heating element of a dishwasher gives off a lot of heat. Options to avoiding that heat is to skip the drying cycle, use the dishwasher later in the evening when it’s a bit cooler or do the dishes by hand. Doing dishes by hand will save on electricity something to consider since your air conditioner is going to be running overtime on those scorching days.

Spritz Bottles

Fill a spritz bottle with water, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil if you’d like and keep it in the fridge. When you’re feeling hot, grab it and give yourself a spritz or two. I read that you should spritz your wrists first to cool the blood that flows through your veins. I haven’t tried that yet, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Wear Loose & Light-colored Clothing

You will be ever so grateful if you choose light-colored flowing dresses or loose shirts to wear than tight fitted ones. Dark colors retain heat so avoid them during the summer. Loose fitting clothes allows air to circulate leaving you feeling cooler and more comfortable.

Enjoy That Spicy Food

Spicy food makes you sweat and sweating is your body’s air conditioner. Spicy recipes to try… 35 Spicy Recipes to Bring (and Beat) the Heat.

The Old-fashion Way

Fill a bowl, not too deep, with ice and set a fan in front of it. Sit and enjoy the cool breeze!

Watch for more prepper tips and news about my next adventure, Pepper, the Biker & the Vanishing Body.

Until next time… stay prepped & prepared!