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Prepped For Christmas Or Not????

BookBrushImage 2022 12 17 20 445I am prepped and prepared for everything… except Christmas!

I always buy gifts far ahead of time and get them wrapped so I have no last minute running around to do. So, why doesn’t that always work? Because inevitably there is always a gift needed for an unexpected holiday occasion. I try to keep a supply of generic gifts but that doesn’t always work out, though I must admit I don’t mind the last minute hustle and bustle to get Christmas all wrapped up. A nice coating of snow adds to the festive atmosphere as does the Christmas music I play throughout the month. Thankfully Ian loves both as much as I do. My three brothers have this special radar that alerts them to when I am baking Christmas cookies and they swoop in on me and devour a batch. I also love scouring the Internet and magazines for recipes to try. Since I am on appetizer duty this year, I found 40+ Make-ahead Christmas Appetizers. I plan to try the Nacho Sausage Meatballs & the French Onion Cheese Ball. Hope you find something you like there.

My mom is the Cookie Queen and while I’m not bad at baking cookies I leave the holiday ones to my mom. But if you’re looking for cookie recipes, here’s 99 of them.

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Until next time… stay prepped & prepared!


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