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Prepper Tip... Mandatory Evacuation List


BookBrushImage 2023 5 18 13 4614As you all know it was a hurricane that turned me into a prepper, but it could be just as well a flood, wildfire, or any number of unexpected disasters that has you thinking differently about prepping. Mandatory evacuation is one thing you should be prepared for and whatever you do, DO NOT disregard mandatory evacuation. Instead, be prepared for it. Here’s a quick mandatory evacuation list to get you started.

1. Get cash out of the bank and make sure to take your credit cards.

2. Make sure your car(s)’s gas tank is full.

3. Make sure you take all original documents with you.

Birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance cards, social security cards, etc. and though you may not want to hear it or think about it, grab the family’s will. You have no idea the hassle that can follow if you don’t have the original, signed document. Many people keep copies of documents on their computers, but the original papers are what’s important. Keep it all in one place so you can grab the file and go.

4. Have at least a few days’ worth of food and drink for everyone with you. Don’t forget snacks. They can help in a stressful situation.

5. Charge all phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Also take extra chargers with you and make sure they’re fully charged. You can pick up inexpensive ones at most any of the electronic stores plus other stores as well.

6. Take at least a week’s worth of clothes with you. If you have a BOB (bug-out-bag) ready for each member of your family, you can grab those.

7. Take sleeping bags or at least blankets.

8. Make sure you have enough of your prescriptions, vitamins, and don’t forget eyeglasses.

9. Pets. Have your cat carrier ready, dog carrier and leashes, bird cages, etc. Take enough food for at least a week. Keep collapsible pet food and water bowls for such an occasion. Don’t forget any prescriptions your pets may need.

10. Entertainment. Books, magazines, coloring books, crayons, board games (the miniature ones are good for this), drawing tablets, craft things, remember you don’t know if you’ll have access to electricity or Internet so be careful with excessive use of your electronics.

No one ever expects to face such a frightening situation, I certainly didn’t, and I never want to be caught unaware again. I am now prepped and prepared for most anything.

Until next time… stayed prepped & prepared!


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