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Personal Prepping… this is about you!


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It may seem odd to think of your own personal needs when it comes to prepping. After all there are more important things to think about, but it is as important as any other part of prepping. Those bits of personal things you do for yourself can be a huge pick-me-up during difficult times.

I learned a lot about necessities when Hurricane Sandy struck, and I had to grab what I needed only to discover I forgot some necessary items. So, as soon as possible I put a personal needs bag together for myself. I add to it and remove stuff from it from time to time, but I always keep it updated. It takes the worry away. I know no matter what that I will have personal necessity items available to me if the unexpected should happen.

Here’s a starter list. You may want to add more or remove any that don’t suit you but at least this will give you a starting point. Also keep the items to travel size so they can easily fit a small bag, one that can slip without fuss into your grab & go bag.

Facial cream

Facial wipes

Body lotion


Loofah sponge

Nail kit

Lip balm

Disposal razor(s)


Disposable toothbrush

Small tube of toothpaste

Tampons or pads

Collapsible hairbrush

Hair scrunches or ties

Compact mirror


A personal needs bag is also great if you unexpectedly must stay over someplace for a night or two or more. No hassle. No last-minute running around to get stuff. You grab it and go!

Until next time… stay prepped & prepared!