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12 Prepping Tips For The Spring!

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When winter days feel more like spring days, I take advantage of the nice weather and begin my spring prep and since I am a notebook nut, I also make notes of things that need doing once spring actually arrives.

Here’s a quick check list…

Check gutters and downspouts. Living in the woods, I deal with an abundance of leaves so both need cleaning more than usual if I don’t want them to clog.

Check the caulking around the windows and doors. Sealants don’t last forever so it’s good to keep an eye on them.

Check lawnmower, edger, blower, whatever spring and summer power equipment you use and see if it requires any maintenance or part replacements before lawn season is upon you.

Check gardening tools. Are they all in good shape? Do any need replacing? How about your gardening gloves? Do you need a new pair? Or if you’re like me you can’t resist buying a new pair whether you need them or not.

Check your gas grill or whatever type of grill you use. Give it a good cleaning and replace parts if necessary. Also check the fuel tank hose to make sure no damage was done to it over the winter.

Check your backyard furniture. Give it a good cleaning. See if any repairs are needed or cushion covers need replacing. And what about outdoor décor pillows? If they are still usable but you’re tired of them, you can find covers to slip right over them and have a new look and it will cost less than buying new ones.

Check the roof and make sure you didn’t lose any shingles over the winter and make repairs where necessary.

Check window and door screens for tears and holes, and repair.

Check siding for any winter damage and see if it needs a cleaning.

Check to see if flower and shrub beds will need new mulch.

Check your furnace filters to see if new ones are needed.

Check… here’s one you’re probably not thrilled with, but windows do need to be washed and spring is a perfect time to do it. The sun shines brighter through a clean window.

Watch for more prep tips!

Until next time… stay prepped & prepared!