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Lackluster tomatoes & what to do with eggplant!

20220827 152732If you grow your own veggie garden you know that not all tomatoes are equal. There are the stars and then there are the lackluster ones or the ones that maybe have a day left in them. So what do you do with them especially if you have already finished canning your tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, etc. Well, here’s 35+ Ways To Use Tomatoes Past Their Prime.

Eggplant is not to everyone’s taste, but I do enjoy it, so I’m always searching for recipes to try. My garden produced a good amount of eggplant this year so naturally my family and friends got to enjoy some. Here’s 26 Easiest Ever Eggplant Recipes.

With Labor Day weekend nearly upon us you might want to try a different recipe to add to your barbecue menu.