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Willow Lake's Monthly Community Newsletter

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The mayor’s race is heating up with the two candidates out in full force talking with everyone about their ideas for the town. Mayor Barrett wants to bring some of those big box stores to the town while Sally Madison prefers to keep the town quaint with a variety of stores that will draw visitors to its charm. Candidate Madison not only has that adorable Alaskan Malamute Mo with her, but she also has the gorgeous hunk of a cover model Ian MacGregor going door to door with her as well. So, get those phone cameras ready when they stop by and don’t salivate too much, the hunk is taken. He and Pepper, Sally, and Sheriff Madison’s daughter, are seen everywhere together.

Yesterday’s Treasure has opened an antique jewelry section. It is located downstairs in what was considered the parlor of the old Victorian style house. Owner Kate Meadows has it set up beautifully. Glass, locked cases house the more expensive antique jewelry but there is plenty of dated jewelry to browse. Victorian parlor chairs are artfully placed throughout along with antique end tables stacked with books on jewelry from antiques to making your own for you to sit and enjoy. It’s no secret that it’s an all-out race between Josh Madison and Burke Strathmore to see who gets the first date with Kate since whenever you go there, you’re likely to find one of them there.  

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The Beautification Committee for Main Street had its first meeting and will be collecting  suggestions from the shops there for what changes they would like to see take place. Vera Andrews will be going around speaking to the shop owners so be prepared to talk with her if you can get a word in edge wise. Bill Parson of Parson’s Locksmith shop said that Vera was very receptive to his suggestions though he did remind me that he is her boyfriend and could be partial. You think so, Bill?

News on the expansion on the Madison Garden Center is being kept under wraps for now, though gossip has it that there are going to be some major improvements to the business. Of course, we are all waiting and wishing all the best for Danny and Kelly Madison on the approach of their baby’s birth. Expectant mom Kelly is doing well, well expectant dad not so much. Boy or girl? No one knows yet but people are placing bets. Let me know if you want to get in on the action.

No panic, at least not yet! It seems that Zelda at the famous Star Diner plans to make some changes to the menu. Some old-timers at the diner have started a petition to keep their favorite dishes. No one knows what changes she is considering but I tell there will be a munity if she is not careful.

Don’t know how true it is, but there is talk that the two empty storefronts on Main Street have been leased. But I can’t confirm that. The town council must approve shop leases, but there has been no news at town councils or from council members themselves. But no worries I spoke with Sally Madison about it and she assures me she will find out.

One last thing… Dr. Elliot Cameron and his wife Espell has returned from their extended trip to Spain to visit her family. They had a wonderful time and Espell assures me that her ceramic shop will reopen soon with new and gorgeous pieces for sale. It’s good to have the couple back home. They have been missed, but then I’m partial since I’m his mother.

Any news to share, you know where to reach me… at the library.

Iona Cameron