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Update on Pepper's Next Book!

Pepper, The Biker & The Vanishing Body by Donna FletcherDropping in on Pepper’s blog to give you an update on the next book in the Pepper the Prepper Series, Pepper, the Biker & the Vanishing Body. I’m in the process of writing it now and hope to have it ready by late fall or early winter.

I love writing about Pep and Ian and Pep’s family and friends. Mostly, I love the relationships they all share and how they all, somehow in their own way, get involved with the mystery.

I am having a wonderful time writing Pepper, the Biker & the Vanishing Body. The whole gang is involved. How couldn’t they be when a body keeps vanishing. Is the vanishing guy dead or is someone moving his body or is he alive? It’s a challenge for sure along with everything else that is going on in Willow Lake, PA. You definitely don’t want to miss Pep’s mum’s bid for the mayor’s seat. Or what happens when the bikers arrive in town and the leader is attracted to Pep. Or where the vanishing body will wind up next.

So, watch for updates on when it will be available and don’t forget to check out Pep’s blog posts. She’s got some interesting ones coming up.

Until next time… Donna